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Creating truly engaging and noteworthy content is hard. Content built on a foundation of original research makes it a lot easier. We help you do just that.

How We Help

Original research =

#1 way B2B buyers say vendors could improve their content.

When you have something truly original to say, people listen.

There’s plenty of same-old content out there. And everyone ignores it.

Original research-based content is different. It’s novel—and people sit up and take notice.

Corner the Conversation

Build your authority with provocative thinking and data. 

Multiply Media Mentions

Uncover interesting insights from your data and spark more media attention.

Skyrocket SEO

Watch backlinks stack up from reputable sites to your original research.

Drive Demand

Use original research to fuel more downloads and more email subscribers.

Trusted by B2B movers and mavens

 “We recently partnered with Sparkifico on an in-depth sustainable packaging research report. We wanted to bring real thought leadership to the topic, and we’ve achieved that goal. Sparkifico worked with our internal industry experts to draw out what data would be most insightful and impactful to the industry. They also helped us find a very niche B2B professional audience, worked with us to translate the survey for a global audience, and the report they produced was, as my marketing team said, ‘absolutely brilliant.’ So far, it’s been picked up by 14 media outlets worldwide.” 

Greg Wright, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Industrial Physics

 “After speaking with a number of research vendors, we chose Sparkifico because we felt like they could provide the kind of tailored service that we needed. What they offered in terms of prior experience, approach, process, and deep survey knowledge was exactly the expertise we were looking for. We really enjoyed working with Sparkifico, and the results have given us so much scope for developing thought leadership content as well as helping to validate use cases and product development as we grow.”

Rebekah Moody, Senior Director Product Marketing & Go-to-Market Strategy at Darwinium

Who we serve best

As a small research and content consultancy, our value is providing customized original research (survey-based or using other original data sources) and in-depth interviews to fuel thought leading content. We do this by:

  • Strategizing with you to find a compelling research-driven story 
  • Helping you find credible B2B professional audiences to survey
  • Designing surveys or analyzing other data sources to deliver compelling insights
  • Interviewing thought leaders to add new sparks of insight to your content 
  • Infusing your content with originality, thought leadership, and great storytelling

Whether you’re a fast-growing startup or a marketer working for a seasoned B2B brand—if you’re looking for a research or content partner who will provide bespoke service, high-quality data and content, and has proven processes to guide you, you’re in the right place.

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Our 3R Research Process: Rigorous. Reliable. Results.

For your thought leadership content to be trustworthy, your data must be credible. The rigorous research process we follow reliably delivers high-quality data from audiences you can trust, so you will see strong results from your content campaigns.

1. Research Road Map

Help you identify your research goals and develop a research storyline. 

2. Audience Analysis

Gain clarity on exactly who you’ll survey and where you’ll find your audience.

3. Survey Design

Use best practices to craft a survey that will deliver impactful insights.

4. Survey Testing

Run your survey through a multi-step testing and quality control check.

5. Data Collection

Monitor the data collection process.  

6. Data Cleaning and Analysis

Validate results and provide customized analysis to dig up even more insights.

7. Key Take Away Report

Get a digestible report for your team and stakeholders that hits all the data highlights.

8. Compelling Content

Custom content based on your data that drives results.

 “This was our first research project, and Sparkifico proved to be a great partner. They asked thoughtful questions to help us collect data that aligned with our research goals and were highly collaborative, flexible, and responsive. We walked away with not only great insights but a compelling research report that will help build our thought leadership and sell the value of our B2B services.”

Jamie McCalman, Vice President Marketing at Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)

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